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Tjitske Oosterholt (1991, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) has moved from graphic design and artistic research into a more in-between state of creative practice, where she aims to combine both intuitive and experimental visual imagery mainly through the use of photographic techniques, with research on our experience and perception of and being in the world. With a growing desire to contribute to a more sustainable, circular and responsible approach to art practice, Tjitske’s interest in the transience of the natural world and our relationship to it is taking a centre stage in all creative explorations.

For any inquiries or collaborations you can contact me via info@tjitskeoosterholt.com.
“I believe the power of art lies in its non-linguistic forms: in the way you can think with and through material by means of interactions, without using words. Therefore I focus on the use of my intuition rather than a previously outlined concept. By letting the material go its own way, I can discover new combinations and interesting textures, which guide me into further visual and theoretical explorations. As an artist, I think it’s very important to realize and admit that the material (be this the material I work with or everything that’s happening around me) is so much more in charge than myself. An artist is not a mastermind, it’s just someone who’s endlessly curious.”

In 2020-2021 Tjitske is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund.