A Continual Unfolding (2023)

    ‘A Continual Unfolding’ is an exploration of the uncontrollable, of giving in to the unknown and an openness to whatever is unfolding before you. By working with Polaroids, with its inherently mysterious character, I allow myself to be guided by the direction the material wants to take, and to find ways of dealing with this uncertainty. Rather than trying to fight the uncontrollable, I attempt to move along with that which cannot be controlled, finding beauty in whatever is beyond our reach.

    Through the creation of collages, a constructive interaction with the unexpected and the unfamiliar is established, forming a metaphor for finding peace with the insecurity of what the future might hold. Most of the work on show will never fully be set, making each encounter unique and allowing the viewer to become part of this continuous evolution.

    Trust the mysterious unfolding before you.

Solo show at de Bouwput, Amsterdam
28th of July - 30th of July 2023