Textures (2019 - ongoing) is an ongoing series in which (self-initiated) natural processes are combined with digital photographic techniques. Being able to zoom in, blow up, adjust in colour or combine within a digital collage, gives the work a recognizable yet mysterious character. While looking at something that seems familiar, it is still hard to understand what it is you’re actually looking at. Is it a reproduction of a painting, a picture of ice, a microscopic image or a satellite photo? By capturing the materials while they are still fluid, as well as capturing materials that will always change, the use of photographic techniques becomes less like a form of reproduction and more like a tool for preservation, application and distortion. Simultaneously, the use of both natural materials and digital techniques serves as a metaphor for the way in which we as human beings constantly interact with and adjust our natural surroundings through modern technology, slowly becoming incapable of seeing the difference between the natural and the synthetic.