Tjitske Oosterholt (1991, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) has moved from graphic design and artistic research into a more in-between state of creative practice, where she aims to combine both intuitive and experimental visual imagery mainly through the use of photographic techniques, with research on our experience and perception of the world. With a growing desire to contribute to a more sustainable, circular and responsible approach to art practice, Tjitske’s interest in the transience of the natural world and our relationship to it is taking a centre stage in all creative explorations.

                   2021     Traces
                   2021     Explorations of Chemical Reactions
                   2021     Rephrase
                  2020     Trying to hold on to running water
        2019-2021     Textures

                 < 2019    Earlier works

        In 2020 - 2021 Tjitske is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.
        Currently represented by Contour Gallery with works from
        the series Traces and Trying to hold on to running water.
        Tjitske is also the founder of office of ONGAKU, a design
        studio with a main focus on the visualisation of sound.



2021 explorations of chemical reactions


/ 2021
Exhibition Explorations of Chemical Reactions
        ‘Explorations of Chemical Reactions’ is a research into the beauty of transience and instability of plant pigments. The works shown are left-overs from inks made from tulips, which are constantly affected by chemical reactions. Working with ever changing materials takes away the idea that the (finished) work of art is sacred, and shows that the process and the interaction with matter is of more importance. At the same time, the artist is decentralized as the main influence on the outcome of the work, and a more collective and re-active form of art-making and viewing is encouraged.
        The viewer is invited to explore this form of (art-)making themselves, by adding on ‘stains’ of self-made plant inks as a second layer, which will undergo a new interaction with the work again.

         ‘Explorations of Chemical Reactions’ is part of the Print & Play ‘On Display’ exhibition, which you can print and exhibit in your own home.