Explorations of Chemical Reactions (2021) is a research into the beauty of transience and instability of plant pigments. The works shown are left-overs from inks made from tulips, which are constantly affected by chemical reactions. Working with ever changing materials takes away the idea that the (finished) work of art is sacred, and shows that the process and the interaction with matter is of more importance. At the same time, the artist is decentralized as the main influence on the outcome of the work, and a more collective and re-active form of art-making and viewing is encouraged.

        The viewer is invited to explore this form of (art-)making themselves, by adding on ‘stains’ of self-made plant inks as a second layer, which will undergo a new interaction with the work again.

         ‘Explorations of Chemical Reactions’ is part of the Print & Play ‘On Display’ exhibition, which you can print and exhibit in your own home.